December 27, 2017


You said “baby, I’m here don’t worry”. The way you look at me, I know. I have never felt a love so strong until I laid eyes upon you. My heart has been set on yours. I am grateful for many reasons, but they all lead back to you. You have given me warmth. You have given me patience. You have given me your friendship. You have given me inner peace. You are my¬†eternal sunshine. I am yours to keep. I am yours to kiss. I am yours to love. The universe pleaded for our souls to meet when it was time. You told me to stay around. You opened your heart and let me in. I can never get lost.

I want you to be longing to be seen by me.

Time is now measured in increments of love, not days or months.

I know that this overwhelming feeling will be sustained because love prevails.

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