June 14, 2018

Avoid the Ugly Fat With Detox Plans

There is no denying that regular physical activity and appropriate diet would enable you to maintain the proper parameters for the body. However, you also need to cleanse the body so that the body organs function more efficiently. This detox process would help you in maintaining the ideal weight. It is perfect to detoxify the body once a week for better results.


  • Milk and Fruits

For beginners, it would be idyllic to start the process with only milk and fruits. While there is no constraint on the number of fruits, you consume. It is advisable to restrict the consumption of milk to 700 ml for the day. However, try to avoid the fruits like the watermelon and muskmelon after late evening, since they take a longer time to digest. You might be aware that banana is effective in toning up your weight. Therefore, you can have 8 bananas along with 700 ml of milk.

  • Veggies and Fruits

You can choose to consume a combination of fruits and vegetables. No restriction either on the quantity or on vegetables. You should ensure that whatever you eat, it should be clean, hygiene and healthy. You have an unlimited choice of vegetables and fruits. Ideally, if you could avoid salt after late evening, it will have an effective result. Please do no hasten to include milk.

  • Juices

Indisputably, fresh fruit juice is essential for a healthy body. A glass of juice will ensure abundant benefits to your body. You will get the required minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins besides the essential fatty acids from the juice, which will keep your energy level optimally. No doubt, your immune system also will improve since it adds strength to your body. With the fresh fruits and vegetables, you can prepare a glass of juice for consumption. Some juices though taste bland or even sour, avoid adding sugar or salt to the juice.

  • Infused Water

For those who are a novice for the detox process, infused water is nothing but the water infused with any fruit or some spice like the jeera, cinnamon or other materials such as ginger, lemon, etc. A day prior to the detox schedule, you need to soak any fruit along with the other material and keep it overnight. Next day, the infused water is the food for your entire day. Ideal fruits like Apple and Cinnamon Water, Strawberry, Kiwi or Lemon and ginger would be a preferred combination. Should you find difficult to maintain the day with only infused water, you can add the same kind of fruit used for the infused water.

A final word of caution, do not perform a hardcore physical activity except walking during the day of detoxification.

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