June 14, 2018


As a comic or a video game or a sci-fi movie, you are thrilled with the concept of the parallel universe. The pervasive idea in fictional representation is not a perverse concept. The grandma’s view that there exists a parallel universe and there is a replica of YOU somewhere in another universe is not without a base. The multiverse is a facet of the astronomical theory which is subject to a very vigorous debate. It might be purposeful to know how the universe is created.


As per the Big Bang theory, some 14 billion years ago, something caused the cosmos infinitesimal to expand and inflate, which caused the three-dimensional space. Consequently, the small splinter pieces formed the larger pieces of matter like the galaxies, stars, and planets.

Believing this theory, we are perhaps limited in our observations since we are in a bowl which is curved and therefore, unable to see outside to confirm either existence or absence of another universe.

The theories supporting the parallel universe are many.

  • Infinite Time-Space

The exact shape of the space-time is unknown to us and there is a possibility that the shape is flat and the space-time goes forever. Therefore, the repetition of a universe cannot be ruled out.

  • Sibling Universe

As a result of Big Bang theory, there is a possibility of the subatomic particles following the pattern of quantum mechanics. Therefore, there are large universes and our universe is only one among the many.

  • Parallel Universe

As per the concept of flat space-time, the multiple universes would have the precise probabilities of 10^10^122. Therefore, cosmic patches along with the particle arrangements replicate, which suggests that there is a parallel universe.

Since the above are based on the scientific assumptions, as long as they are not proved beyond doubt, there would be counter-theories too.

  • The absence of Inherent Energy

The Big Bang Theory was the result of inflation of exponential energy inherent to space. Therefore, no particles are expanding beyond that period of time. The usual rate of inflation at different times makes the possibility of another universe a rare chance.

  • The absence of Infinite time

In spite of the possible values for the fundamental constants, the outcome is so fast than merely being exponential, unless, of course, inflation has been occurring for a truly infinite amount of time. Therefore, this theory reduces the chances of another parallel universe.

Anyway, as of now, the concept of the multiverse or parallel universe is a matter of a strong debate among the scientists. However, the absence of evidence cannot be the evidence of absence.

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