June 14, 2018

Why can’t I look like her?… *sigh*

Having the “perfect” body is ideal. However, you should remember that everyone cannot be Victoria’s Secret model. It is indeed an irony that majority of the girls worry too much about maintaining the skinny, bikini dress body.

The body image is a major psychological parameter on the social media or other modes of communication. It is no surprise that even girls rather the child of seven years is also conscious of the ideal body.  The result of the Girl guiding survey has revealed some startling results.

Survey of Girl Guidance-

35% of the girls were of the opinion that their appearance is more important than their ability in a survey of 559 girls of 7 to 10 years of age while 23% of them felt they desired to be perfect. Similarly, 36% of the girls surveyed felt their looks are the paramount significance.

Similarly, the study included girls of 11 to 21 years of age and out of 1000 girls, 80% of the girls opined that their physical look is more important for them. A whopping 93% of the girls felt that the judgment of a girl is more on the physical appearance than the mental ability. It is also true that 47% of the girls expressed that the look holds them back on a majority of occasions. Overall, about 600 girls said that they are not perfect and desired to be.

  • Changing Lifestyle

With a majority of the girls aiming for the ideal body and with the peer pressure on the girls, the lifestyle of the girls is changing. The eating habits, skipping the breakfast or other principal means of the day is leading to unhealthy bodies.

The girls are going to such an extent that the physical workout schedule has been doubled with an aim to shed some weight and body mass. There is no exaggeration that some girls are opting for detoxification methods.

  • Negative Effects

The misconception of the girls that they do not have a thin and attractive body like the models in the magazine is affecting the mental confidence level. The low morale of the girl has a direct negative impact on the mental ability too.

With the lack of body-confidence, such girls also avoid certain dress varieties though the clothes are of their preference only with the inhibition of not looking good.

Some girls also feel embarrassed to go to a gym or other workout since the body is not as ideal as it should have been like the celebrities. In fact, this attitude has a negative impact on the healthy body.

The body consciousness is also restricting them from socializing in the society.

It is time the girls stop worrying about what they are not and feel proud to be what they are.

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