June 14, 2018

Social media has us comparing our lives, instead of us being thankful for who and what we are. We live in a generation where technology has has taken over our world. People struggle with insecurity because they constantly compare their “behind-the-scene” life with everyone else’s spotlight. People have indirect communication and are missing out on critical social skills. The truth is, reality is lost on social media. So many people continue to show the best version of themselves rather than the real one. People will always showcase their accomplishments, whether it be a new car, a vacation, a relationship, a new career, or a new body goal, but what you will never see are the fights, the insecurities, or their personal problems. We do not know what others go through in their daily life because we are not exposed to it. Do not sit behind a computer and judge. We have all done it at one point in our life. Someone else can be farther along in their journey than you are, and that is OK, because everyone’s life is at a different pace. Do not compare yourself to another. Just like body images, set goals and let it inspire you, not use it maliciously to have hatred and jealousy towards another and what they have accomplished. Use social media in a good way, to interact intellectually, to make connections, to be able to market, and let it allow you to grow in certain aspects you may be lacking. There will always be someone who will have more or less than you, but what they cannot have is the same purpose or commitment that you can in your own life if you stay grounded.

*How Social Media Poisons Lives*

The last 5-6 years have seen a boom in the social ties among people. Distances between places and people have come down. You can connect to your old nursery school friend or your childhood neighbor, wherever they are. All thanks to social media networking, that people are connected with everyone and everything from the moment they wake up.

But, give it some thought. Are you heading towards the right direction or are you becoming slaves to the online life? Do you sit with your family members and have a chat with them, do you say hello to your next-door neighbor? Then how are we still connected? Humans are getting into the vacuum created by online stuff, and we are becoming ignorant towards people sitting right next to them.

Social media is turning a curse rather than a boon. Know the ill effects of social media usage before it is too late.

  1. Feeling Connected, Really?

As you are conversing with the whole world, you have a false sense of being connected. But more and more people are withdrawing into their shells and are only connected in a non-real, online life.

  1. Stress and Depression

Young people spending as less as 2 hours per day on social sites are more prone to mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, etc.

  1. Less Sleep

Disturbed sleep patterns and poor-quality sleep are directly related to over usage of social media. Instead of giving their body and mind the much-needed rest, people tend to use phones and tablets at night.

  1. Reduced Productivity

Almost all organizations use social networking sites for various purposes. This is proving to be a great hindrance to the employees’ productive time and costing the organization in the long run. Studies show that companies lose more than 2 billion every year, just because their employees are spending more time on Facebook, Twitter rather than doing their work.

  1. No more Privacy

Nowadays, people are posting publicly what exactly they are doing at any given point of time. The things they write or the photos, they post remains online permanently. Anyone can use the same facts in an inappropriate way in the future.

  1. Cyber Stalking

Stalking an individual has existed in the society, and now it is done online too. An ex-boyfriend or spouse may harass their victim online. The online relationship that did not work might result in the stalking of the individual with the help of the information that was posted.

Though social media are fun and give an opportunity to interact with completely different individuals, still it is not the best thing to lose your sleep over it.


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