Net Neutrality is Nothing But Soft Censorship

You might recall the vigorous debate with regard to Net Neutrality in the recent past. For the benefit of the novice in the field, let’s know what the net neutrality means. The Net Neutrality allows the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to treat all the data on similar line without any discrimination and without charging differently for accessing a certain specific website or any online content. In this scenario, the ISP can impose the speed of the content provided by them and accessed by the user.

  • Beneficiaries

The action of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for the Net Neutrality enables the ISP to charge an additional “fees” from the affluent websites for faster service. Therefore, the wealthy websites would be in a position to influence the ISP for quicker access.

  • Resultant Effects

In the process, the small fish like the start-ups and the mediocre information sources would be at a disadvantageous position.

As the cable company offers the channels of his choice, the ISP also has an option to identify, which website can be accessed. That the high traffic on the specific website would throttle the speed need not be specified by the ISP.

The ISP gleaning the browsing history of the user for tweaking the data to his advantage and even to share the data to the website who is ready to pay the highest fee, cannot be ruled out.

  • Brain Drain

It is a fact that the net neutrality is a disincentive for the talent since the cost of the internet is higher for doing less. You are rather creating a hostile environment for the talented technical professionals since the appeasement, and the high fee are ruling the roost.

  • Limited Bandwidth

The statutory and regulatory authorities prioritize the bandwidth keeping in view the importance and necessity of the internet facility. The regulation and prioritization also is driven to protect the legitimate and legal reasons.

With all this, the censorship of the website usage is likely to become more daisy and slippery because the highest bidder is in a position to dictate the terms.

  • Probable Solution

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology has a pivotal role to play in countering the net neutrality. The VPN like a private Wi-Fi can block the ISP from peeking into the browsing history and prevent them from sharing the data for a fee. Though the ISP might think of blocking the VPN or throttle the VPN traffic, it is unlikely because of the substantial business houses using the VPN for security purposes.

Finally, there is no solution to the problem and the injustice cannot be eliminated completely. The alternatives what we are grappling at will only reduce the severity of the infliction caused by the net neutrality.


Ending Animal Cruelty

No doubt, the animals also have the right for the respect in their treatment by humans. Of course, with this objective in view, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals (ASPCA) was established in April 1866. The animal cruelty includes animal abuse or neglect, which is an infliction by omission or commission.

Though the legislation has been enacted in this regard, the true compassion and respect towards the animals should come from within the hearts. This should be inculcated into the hearts of the children from their childhood so that the child also realizes the importance of preventive cruelty towards animals. It is a fact that animals are also creatures, which have the right to lead decent life-like humans.

  • Nature of Cruelty

The abuse towards animals does not happen only when they are engaged in bullfight or cockfight, etc., the animals might be ill-treated even in the farming. The insufficient care might occur even with the pet animals.

  • Volunteer to help

Everyone agrees that children learn many lessons by observing the parents. Therefore, you should volunteer in helping the injured or vulnerable stray animals, take them to vet and allow the animal to live in dignity. Your home could be a foster family till the animal recovers from the sickness. The timely treatment and the love and affection received by the animal will facilitate faster recovery and cure. You could be the role model for the children too.

  • Important Activities

If you are an animal lover and have a pet animal at home or your neighbor has one, then you should ensure the following.

  • Animal is allowed to behave the natural way.
  • Animal is raised with sufficient space and has a good shelter to protect from the vagaries of weather.
  • It is handled in a gentle manner without causing unintentional harm.
  • It has access to potable water and has fresh air.
  • It has healthy diet on a daily and regular basis.
  • Animal is not being administered an excessive dosage of antibiotics.
  • The dwelling has sufficient safety ensuring the health and comfort for movements within the indoors.
  • Manager or the trained is professionally trained to handle the animals.
  • The trainer is competent in animal husbandry.

If you feel that the cruelty towards animals occurs only to the stray animals, perhaps you are on the wrong footing. Even if you notice any deficiency with the pet animals within the house also you should report to the local authorities for prevention and immediate remedial action.


The Basic Facts of Planned Parenthood

It is heartening that nearly half the global population is under the age of 25 years. However, the flipside of it is that many young people do not have any access to the authentic info or the methods to prevent the unplanned pregnancy. It is also an irony that more than 200 million people in the developing countries have no access to the birth control methods or other services. Unplanned pregnancy has many black spots on the health of the individual, economic, and societal effects on the family besides the burden on the State authorities.


Benefits of Planned Parenthood-

No doubt, anything that is planned has many advantages. The planned pregnancy or the parenthood is no exception. In addition to the physiological and psychological changes, the lifestyle also requires some tweaking in the schedule. The enhanced financial liability also cannot be undermined. Both the parents should be healthy enough to take care of the newcomer into the family.


Methods to Postpone Parenthood-

There are umpteen effective and temporary methods to control and prevent the unplanned pregnancy.

  • Implant

A small thin and flexible etonogestrel implant placed under the arms effectively keeps the pregnancy at bay for three years. The procedure can be reversed any time, and you can become pregnant after a week the implant is removed. In 99% of the women, this method was found to be effective.

  • Pill

A kind of hormonal pill taken every day will postpone the pregnancy. It is a safe and affordable pill which is effective too. The pill has other benefits as well.

  • Vaginal Ring

This is another method of birth control, which is a small flexible ring inserted into the vagina. By releasing the necessary harmonies into the body the ring keeps the pregnancy postponed.

  • IUD

Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) is one of the long-term methods, which is simple to be inserted by a qualified person. It is a small piece of a flexible T-shaped plastic device inserted into the uterus which can be reversed too.

  • Condom

The thin stretchy pouch-like to be worn prior to the sexual activity. The condom not only prevents the pregnancy but also the Sexually Transmitted Diseases. There are separate condoms for both men and women

  • Abortion

Though this method is not a preventive method for pregnancy, the childbirth is avoided in ideal situations like unwanted or forced pregnancy. In order to ensure safe health to the woman, there are legislations in support of medical termination of pregnancy up to certain weeks of gestation depending on the country. It is highly recommended that the abortion is opted only under the supervision of a health care provider to avoid complications.

In any case, no one should hesitate to discuss the details with the health worker for authentic info and for clarification on the doubts to ensure a planned parenthood.


Gun Control Laws Are The Need Of The Hour

Learned persons are of the opinion that America’s stand on gun control is the result of conflicts in the various cultures. It is estimated that the US has 88.8 guns for every 100 people. In fact, 22% Americans own some sort of a gun in their lifetime. The nation’s history, the roots, the frontier expansions are all responsible for the birth of this gun culture. Part of it is also encouraged by the Second Amendment stating that people have the right to possess arms, and it shall not be violated. This has served as a shield for people to poss guns.

After the school shooting tragedies of late, which has shaken the nation, the sadness and grief have turned into anger at people who support gun rights. Moreover, the political parties do nothing even after innocent children are dying. People supporting gun control argue that the second amendment was meant for military and also gun owners themselves are in favor of restrictions to be imposed on the carrying and usage of guns.

Let us see what the ruling points are, pushing for the passing of gun control laws:

  1. Laws would Lead to Low Gun Deaths: Deaths due to guns have always been the highest as against death due to suicides, homicides and accidental deaths. Guns were also responsible for suicides and homicides. In the list of causes leading to deaths, arms stand at the 12th Around 200 American citizens visit the emergency room every day, with wounds from gunshots.
  2. Large Capacity Magazines: 50% of the total mass shooting between the years 1982 and 2012 used high capacity magazines. With these magazines, the deaths increase by 63% and injuries shoot up by 156%. Such magazines are usually used for cover up the lack of accuracy and to maximize the intended harm. When you ban these, the deaths would automatically come down.
  3. Better Gun Control Laws for Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence: In US, 5 women are killed with guns, each day. The risk goes up by 500% when there is a gun in the vicinity of a domestic spat.
  4. Guns are Hardly used in Self-Protection: It is observed that as low as 0.79% people actually used guns in their own defense.
  5. Criminals Steal Legal Guns: As per reports, all the guns that have been confiscated from criminals, are stolen from legal owners. During a burglary, guns are the most frequent ones that are taken away by thieves.
  6. Conflict Becomes Serious with a Gun: Petty arguments turn violent when there are weapons with the concerned people.

Citing these points, activists are vigorously coming out and insisting that more gun control laws be implemented and followed.